Thursday, 04 March 2021 20:24

The future of SCOM

'SCOM is here to stay'. Please read the following extract from an article written by Richard Benwell, CEO at SquaredUp.

Gartner predicts that 30% of Enterprise IT spending will be on cloud and outsourcing by 2023. That’s 70% spending on non-cloud and outsourcing – the in-house infrastructure and software we have today. And if you’re running traditional Windows and Linux workloads at scale, SCOM remains the best tool on the market. You may be considering a consolidation of your monitoring tools; if so, SCOM should absolutely have a place in your core monitoring strategy.

Microsoft haven’t formally announced their updated roadmap for SCOM yet but we’re hoping to hear news of the next major release (will it be SCOM 2021?) and there has also been talk of an Azure-hosted version of SCOM offered as a managed service. Both are great news for the SCOM community and signal Microsoft’s ongoing commitment to this essential enterprise IT operations tool.

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