Friday, 30 April 2021 14:53

Why the VDI Like a Pro Survey - 2021 - Monitoring Poll result for SCOM is false

Why The VDI Like a Pro - EUC - State of the Union - 2021 - Monitoring Poll result for SCOM is false.
Merijn Overgaauw
GripMatix, Product Architect & Developer

To put things straight rightaway: We love the VDI Like a Pro survey and the "Dutch Stroopwafel Army". It is a great opportunity to get insight in how VDI and SBC technology is used and what trends are going on the market place nowadays.

However we think it is rather sad that the Poll Question "What products do you use to monitor your environment" was basically missing out System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) as an answer option to choose from.

In the concerning poll there was an answer option called "Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS) - (Formerly: SCOM)", but logically very little SCOM users would ever choose that option to show they are using SCOM for monitoring SBC and VDI. And most likely, no one, since OMS is not SCOM.

False SBC/VDI Monitoring Tools Poll Answer Options

Probably some Microsoft Azure Monitor (Log Analytics) users have selected that answer, along with the "Microsoft Azure Monitor (Log Analytics)" answer that was listed as an option as well. Which means confusion all over.

But what makes things even worse, is that the survey result for the "Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS) - (Formerly: SCOM)" answer option is listed as "System Center Operations Manager (SCOM)" in the survey results?!

False SBC/VDI Monitoring Tools Poll Results

This is simply false information. We know VDILikeaPro is aware of the matter so we can be confident that next year this will not be an issue anymore.

Again, great initiative and keep improving!

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