Monday, 21 June 2021 10:51

GripMatix Proud Sponsor of SCOMathon 2021

SCOMathon 2021 - Virtual SCOM conference
GripMatix was a proud sponsor of SCOMathon 2021. A two day Virtual SCOM conference for Microsoft MVPs, SCOM experts, and SCOM customers. A big thank you to all attendees, speakers, sponsors and hosts. It was absolutely awesome.
We did a 15 minutes session on 'Maximizing Business Continuity by monitoring Citrix NetScaler with SCOM' to show the audience how GripMatix adds value to the marketplace by presenting our SCOM Management Pack for monitoring Citrix NetScaler: MetrixInsight for ADC. We are very happy to see how well our session has been received by the audience. Many thanks for that!

If you have missed our session or one of the others, you can watch session recordings here.

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