Friday, 29 October 2021 13:06

Get control back into the Control Room

Merijn Overgaauw
Product Architect @GripMatix

"... and you can drill down into anything to dig deeper and across the SCOM object model – allowing you to find the root causes of issues more quickly."

This article explains how SquaredUp for SCOM leverages the true power of the SCOM platform: the SCOM object model.

I believe in dashboarding you need simplicity and granularity all in one. Simplicity for your Control Room, which gives clear and quick insight. Granularity and detail for your system management engineers to be able to drill-down into details and find that Root-Cause quickly.


Standalone dashboard solutions like Grafana, or the Squared Community Edition give you a flexible way to present data, but simply lack dynamic drill-down features because of their concept: dashboard everything that ‘talks’ TCP/IP, but without bothering about relationships between objects monitored. This means there is no way to dynamically structure the dashboard views you are creating to create automatic drill-down functionality.

IT organizations using such dashboard solutions for the Control room, consequently put too much dashboard information on the wall, trying to get overview and granularity in one view at the same time. Which is impossible and therefore things get messy and control is lost.

SCOM is an enterprise monitoring platform and dynamically discovers the components and relationships as they exist in your IT environment based on the SCOM object model, also known as the SCOM service model. This way it is able to present Control Room operators simple and clear dashboards views, which can be drill-downed into granular details when required.

If you are running SCOM and want to fully leverage the SCOM object model, than the SquaredUp for SCOM edition is obviously you want to go for.

You can create dashboard packs yourself, but there have been plenty already pre-built for you which are available for the community at the SquaredUp dashboard gallery. GripMatix for instance has created SquaredUp dashboard packs for its products MetrixInsight for CVAD and MetrixInsight for ADC.

Make sure you import them if you have decided to get control back into the Control Room and drill-down your IT issues away!


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