Sunday, 20 November 2022 21:44

Citrix Audio Redirection Service is not running

The Citrix Audio Redirection Service is part of the Citrix Virtual Desktop Agent (VDA) software which runs on a single or multi session machine. It is responsible for redirecting audio over the Audio Virtual Channel to be used within the ICA session.

If this windows service has stopped running, users having a virtual desktop session to the respective session machine have no sound.

MetrixInsight for Citrix VAD/DaaS remotely monitors if the Citrix Audio Redirection Service is running, without the need of an agent on the respective session machine.
Alerting on stopped Citrix VAD/DaaS VDA service
It enables you to start stopped VDA windows services from whithin the alert, but also to start multiple of them with one click, without requiring an agent on the session machine.
Task to start multiple stopped Citrix VAD/DaaS VDA services

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