Tuesday, 22 November 2022 14:10

Citrix Print Manager Service is not running

The Citrix Print Manager Service is part of the Citrix Virtual Desktop Agent (VDA) software which runs on a single or multi session machine. It is used for the Citrix Advanced Universal Printing Architecture. It takes care of the client printer mappings between a user client and the VDA within an ICA session.

This service heavily relies on the Windows Print Spooler service which spools print jobs and handles interaction with the printer.

If one or both of these services have stopped running, users having a session on the respective session machine cannot print.

Agentless Session Machine Monitoring

MetrixInsight for Citrix VAD/DaaS remotely monitors if Citrix Print Manager Services are running using its agentless session machine monitoring solution. This SCOM resource pool based solution monitors all your single- and multi session machines remotely. There is no need to discover these session machines using the SCOM discovery wizard.
Alerting on stopped Citrix VAD/DaaS VDA service
It enables you to start stopped VDA windows services from whithin the alert, but also to start multiple of them with the click of a button.
Task to start multiple stopped Citrix VAD/DaaS VDA services

MetrixInsight for Citrix VAD/DaaS

MetrixInsight for VAD/DaaS is a CITRIX® Ready SCOM Management Pack solution for Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, Citrix DaaS, Citrix License Server, Citrix Provisioning Services, Citrix StoreFront and NetScaler.

It goes beyond Citrix Director and fully integrates your Citrix® Virtual Apps and Desktops, and Citrix DaaS stack into SCOM. It dynamically discovers and visualizes the entire Citrix VAD and DaaS topology using the different layers that exist in a typical End User-Computing deployment and provides comprehensive monitoring and reporting services to keep the end-user computing platform up and running and your end users happy.