MetrixInsight for CVAD

MetrixInsight for CVAD is a bundle of Microsoft System Center Operation Manager (SCOM) Management Packs for monitoring Server Based Computing (SBC) and/or Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) platforms based on Citrix® Virtual Apps and Desktops 7.x (formerly known as XenDesktop and/or XenApp).

The solution visualizes your platform within a single pane of glass to monitor the essential parts of your virtualized End User Computing platform.

MetrixInsight for CVAD SCOM Management Packs are valid for all Citrix Virtual Apps and Virtual Apps & Desktops license customers. Premium, or previously called Platinum, licenses are not required.

The product is listed on Microsoft’s SCOM Partner Solutions portfolio which you can access through the Administration panel using your SCOM console.
Citrix XenDesktop XenApp SCOM


With MetrixInsight for CVAD on SCOM you are able to integrate, visualize and monitor your on-premise Citrix® Virtual Apps and Desktops 7.x infrastructure. It discovers and visualizes your CVAD stack topologies in a drilldown dashboard using the different layers that exist in a typical End-User-Computing platform deployment and provides the monitoring and reporting services that are essential to keep your end-user computing platform up and running and end users happy.

Supported platforms

MetrixInsight for CVAD currently supports the following platforms:

  • On-premise Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop 7.x deployments

Operations Center Dashboards

Check out just a couple of dashboards and views for supporting your IT operations.
Citrix XenDesktop XenApp SCOM
Citrix XenDesktop XenApp SCOM
Citrix XenDesktop XenApp SCOM

Reporting for Trend Analysis

Our solution provides extensive reporting functionality to support your capacity and performance management. Check out just a couple of reports to get an impression.

Average Logon Duration vs Logons

Failed connections over time


Check out this blog to get more details about what MetrixInsight for CVAD monitors.


Our products are licensed on a user volume based annual subscription license model.
This means that there is no big upfront investment for you, but you pay yearly as long as you want to use our products. We believe this kind of licensing model fits perfect in the Cloud era we live in today.

Our licenses are bound to one or more Citrix license servers within a single SCOM Management Group environment. Based on the type and amount of Citrix licenses you have, you need to select the right subscription plan that fits your needs.

Interested in prices of our subscriptions? Request a quote or free trial edition.

Release Notes

v1.2.19111.0 (november 2019)

New features since last feature update:

  • SCOM Agent Task for Server OS Machines to reboot the Server OS. This way you are able to reboot multiple Server OS Machines that have been up too long, all at once.
  • Updated Product Knowledge for Server OS Machine Uptime monitor with SCOM Agent Task to reboot the Server OS Machine when it has been up too long.

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